We at B&D Advanced Warehousing Corp., Inc. tailor our services around our customers’ specific  needs.  Service is our most important product.   We have ability with both racked and open storage areas to provide safe efficient handling.  We are adept at handling products in rolls, skids and boxes in addition to palletized units. 

Our state of-the- art computer system is customized for inventory control, lot control, product location, picking and product rotation.  Stock status and activity information are always current.  Electronic order processing is available.   Our staff is one of our most important assets, efficient and accommodating, they provide quality service, our most important product. 

B & D Advanced Warehousing Corp., Inc. is serviced by Pan Am Railways into our indoor rail siding. It accommodates four rail cars, indoors for safe handling in all weather.  Cross dock services are available.  Our transportation company, Service Anytime Inc, Salem, provides truckload service throughout Eastern New England. 

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